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Can we keep the fish we catch?


Yes, of course. Per legal Florida State Limitations depending on the species and seasons.


Will there be any hidden costs?


No. We charge a flat rate depending on the length of the trip and that includes the fuel as well as other costs the guide takes on.


Fly fishing in the wind?


Windy conditions (within reason) are not cause for cancellation of your fly fishing trip, typically if we have sun we can get it done. However if casting becomes an issue we will provide spinning tackle at your request.


What if it rains and we are booked to go out?


Rain during the summer months is common but short lived, typically only lasting in small bouts however we always keep a close eye on the weather and will NEVER put our clients in nasty weather. In the event that the weather causes the cancellation of the trip, you will be issued a refund  HOWEVER, if you simply do not show up to your trip, you will be charged the full amount stated in our cancellation policy.


Can we bring alcohol?


Yes! But only to be consumed by passengers 21 years of age and older. Try to drink responsibly and understand that the alcohol consumption may limit the activities we allow you to do on our charter.

Should I tip my guide???

You're not required to tip your guide but it is very much appreciated. Our guides work extremely hard to bring you the absolute best opportunity and experience to you. Tipping is proper charter etiquette. 


Can we extend our charter while out on the water?


Possibly, depending on the availability of the guide. Discuss with your captain before coming back into the dock.


What is provided and what do you need to bring?

Your guide will provide all the necessities for your trip. Licensure, Rods, Reels, flies, bait and tackle, cooler, ice, water. We recommend bring a great pair of polarized sunglasses, its extremely vital to our success for you to be able to see into the water as best of your ability. Other items to bring include sunscreen, camera, hat, food/snacks, light wind breaker or rain jacket, and a camera of course!!! We ask that you please refrain from wearing any black soled marking shoes, our boats are in pristine condition and we work hard to keep them that way.

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